Safety around Grand River Transit (GRT) vehicles is a shared responsibility. Waterloo Region residents of all ages should be aware of the dangers around ION trains, tracks, crossings, and overhead lines. In this helpful publication from GRT, attached here, we’re reminded to “Look, Listen, Live”, around the ION light rail system.

Fast Facts about ION Safety

  • ION trains are quiet – remove your headphones or earbuds and look up before crossing the tracks and when waiting on the platform.

  • See tracks, think train – always cross at designated crosswalks and never walk or cycle on tracks. Lives can change in a split second.

  • Mind the line – stay behind the yellow platform edge while waiting for the train.

  • It’s not your ride if you have to run – never run across traffic to catch the train.

  • Don’t cross tracks when lights are flashing or crossing arms are down.

Whether you walk, cycle or drive, follow the signage, be mindful of your surroundings, stay off the tracks, and treat trains with the same caution as any vehicle.

More information on ION safety is available on the Grand River Transit website.