Next week we will be starting course selections with large Google meets.  Each grade will have a designated day, and each cohort will have a designated time.  Please see the schedule below and be sure to sign up for your meeting time.  Meeting codes will be sent out around noon on your meeting day.

We recognize that these times may not fit into everyone’s schedule. Therefore, we have also scheduled two evening drop-in sessions.  As well, you are always welcome to meet with your guidance counsellor one on one.  Realistically, we are not able to meet with every student individually, so please attend your meeting first and if you still have critical questions, book an appointment.

For those grade 12 students who are definitely not returning, you don’t need to attend a meeting.  Instructions for a MyWay exit survey will be sent out by next Friday. We ask that you complete the survey in a timely fashion as that is important planning information for our administration.


GRADE 9  – Tuesday, February 9

Cohort A & DLP (Surnames A-L)  2:00 pm

Cohort B & DLP (Surnames M-Z) 1:00 pm

GRADE 10 – Wednesday, February 10

Cohort A  & DLP (Surnames A-L)  2:00 pm

Cohort B & DLP (Surnames M-Z) 1:00 pm

GRADE 11 – Thursday, February 11

Cohort A & DLP (Surnames A-L) 1:00 pm

Cohort B & DLP (Surnames M-Z)  2:00 pm

GRADE 12 – Friday, February 12

Cohort A & DLP (Surnames A-L) 1:00 pm

Cohort B & DLP (Surnames M-Z)  2:00 pm

FAST FORWARD STUDENTS – Tuesday, February 16

Cohort A & DLP (Surnames A-L) 1:00 pm

Cohort B & DLP (Surnames M-Z)  2:00 pm


Wednesday, February 10 from 6:30-8:00 pm

Thursday, February 11 from 6:30-8:00 pm