Media, Film Studies, and Communication Technology courses are elective courses offered through the English Department and the Technology Department.  These courses provide students with a range of skills in understanding, interpreting, and creating media through digital film and computer manipulation.

Media Arts

Media Arts is an English elective course that is offered in grade 11 to college and university bound students.  Students study a variety of print and visual media.  KCI also has a Grade 11 Media Arts course for students taking courses at the fast forward  level.

Film Studies

KCI is one of the few high schools in Waterloo Region to offer film study elective courses.  Students in these courses study films and get the chance to write scripts and make their own films.  All of the equipment needed is supplied.  These courses are offered to college and university bound students in both grades 11 and 12.

Students who would like to study films, but not create them, may take a grade 12 film study course focusing on appreciation and interpretation of film.  They are offered at both the college and university levels.

Many KCI graduates have gone on to study film at college and university.  Several of these students are now working in the film industry.  Many KCI students have placed or won at the yearly Charlie Awards Film Festival.

Communication Technology Studies

We live in an age of communication. In our everyday life, we use technology to communicate with each other. It can be in the form of text messages, emails, images, audio or video, or any combination of these. The advantages and applications of communication technologies affect our every day social function as we interact with each other.

The Communication Technology course explores the different ways computers and information systems can be used to deliver graphics, video, audio and animation in its various forms.

Students interested in the following careers would benefit from this course:  Interactive Media Developer, Radio/Broadcast Technician, Film, Web, Video, Animation, Game Design, and Music/Audio Recording Engineer.  This course is offered at the University/College level, Open level, and Fast Forward.

Course Descriptions

Grade 10

Media: Telecommunications, Video and Animation  –  TGJ 2OI / 2OB

A project based introduction to the various media and computer technologies that impact us today. Explore Photography, Graphic Design, Audio and Music production, Animation, Video and Web design.

Grade 11

Film-Making:  Screen Education  –  EMS 3OX / 3OY

This course takes students through the film-making process from creating storyboards to the finished film.  Find out how Hollywood films are created!  It’s recommended that university-bound students take 30X and students interested in pursuing college or the workplace take the 30Y section.

Media Studies  –  ASM3OI / EMS 3OB / 3OF

Interested in studying the media? Study a variety of print and visual media:  film, television, print media, advertising and the internet.

Media:  Communication, Video and Animation, Special Effects –  TGJ 3MI / 3OB

An in depth exploration which builds on the grade 10 TGJ course, but delves deeper into project challenges and real world scenarios in computer technology.

Grade 12

Film-Making:  Screen Education  –   ETS 4UX / 4CX

Experienced student filmmakers will study film as literature and make short films. It is highly recommended that students have previously taken EMS 3OX for the 4UX section and 3OY for the 4CX section.

Film Appreciation  –  ETS 4UY / 4CY

How is a major motion picture made?  What makes a film excellent?  Study film and find out.

Media:  Video and Animation, Special Effects and Production  –   TGJ 4OI / 4OB / 4MI

A self directed deep dive into several selected media types centred around a central client challenge. Work independently or with a partner and build a portfolio of work that will prepare you for next steps in many communications fields.