KCI Semester II eLearning Orientation Sessions Feb. 8 or 14 – Revised Rooms

Please note eLearning Orientation lab locations have been changed;
Feb 8th in Room 371 
Block B and C (1.5-2 hours)
Feb 14th in Room 368 

Block D and E (1.5-2 hours)

KCI students registered for one or more online eLearning course(s) throughout the WRDSB in Semester II must attend their mandatory orientation session at KCI on Thursday, Feb 8th in room 371 in blocks B and C – or – Wednesday, Feb 14th in room 368 in blocks D and E.

eStudents should first go to their regular class (block B on the 8th or Block D on the 14th)  first to have their attendance taken and to collect any instructions from their classroom teacher before proceeding directly to the labs assigned for the eLearning orientation session. The orientation will take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

There is a second opportunity to attend a makeup eLearning session for students unable to make it to the session on Feb 8th indicated above. This second opportunity will be held on Feb 14th in room 368 in blocks D and E.

Students who do not complete their eLearning orientation on Feb 8th or 14th will not be able to begin their elearning courses and should contact their Guidance counselor, or their school’s eLearning Success Teacher or eLearning VP (Mr. Denhart).