Welcome to KCI Arts!

Experiences in the arts play a valuable role in the education of all students. Through participation in the arts, students
can develop their creativity, learn about their own identity, and develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and a sense of well-being.

At KCI Arts we work through the creative process and critical analysis in two different streams of art education. Through these programs we create environments and situations to develop strong technical and problem solving skills that are transferable to other disciplines and situations.

The studio component has students experiment with a variety of media and processes in traditional media (ie. drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc.) while the digital component has students take a hands on approach to the art of photography, graphic design and digital image creation using industry level software, techniques and practices.

Along with the full range of curricular offerings KCI Arts offers a number of co-curricular opportunities that will enrich the students’ experiences. These opportunities include arts leadership, journalism, photography, large studio projects and management of After Hours: an event showcasing 100+ participants and celebrating creativity in and around the KCI community.

*All photography, design and studio courses develop studio experience and theory as well as an understanding and appreciation of Art History.

Course Descriptions

Grade 9

Introduction to Visual Arts – AVI 1OI

What does KCI Arts have to offer you? Take this course and experience a little bit of everything including painting, drawing, sculpting, graphics, and art history. We recommend that you take this foundation course before any other art course at KCI. * This course is also a requirement of the French Immersion program as AVI 1OF

Grade 10

Studio: Visual Arts – AVI 2OI

Build on your skills and knowledge of Visual Arts as you explore various approaches including painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Highly Recommended: AVI 1OI

Graphics: Visual Design – AWD 20I

Love to draw? Love computer graphics? Explore illustration, layouts and design using drawing, photography, Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. (A small course fee is required for the 2OI section.)

Digital Photography – AWQ 2OI

Have a digital camera? Want to learn how to use it? This course will teach you the basics and give you the skills to take and appreciate some amazing photographs. (You must have your own digital camera to take this course. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a fancy camera. A small course fee is required.)

Grade 11

Studio: Visual Arts – AVI 3MI / 3OI

Here’s your chance to broaden your understanding of art history and develop your portfolio and your studio skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. (A small course fee is required.) Prerequisite: One of AVI 1OI, AVI 1OF or AVI 2OI.

Graphics: Digital Media – AWS 3MI / 3OI

Build on your design skills as you use Photoshop and Illustrator to blend, morph, retouch and create. (A small course fee is required.) Highly Recommended: AWD 2OI, AWQ 2OI or a background in design or photography.

Grade 12

Studio: Visual Arts – AVI 4MI

Further develop your portfolio and knowledge of art history as you experience various approaches to art independently and through teacher-guided projects. (A small course fee is required.) Prerequisite: AVI 3MI

Graphics: Visual Design – AWD 4MI

Build your portfolio as you create professional artwork using your knowledge and skills in Photography, Design and Photoshop, Illustrator. Prerequisite: You must have AWS 3MI.

Yearbook: Journalism – Editor – IDC 4UI

Make strategic decisions, create and lead groups of creators in the development and publication of KCI’s yearbook. Prior knowledge and skills in Photography, Design and / or Photoshop is strongly recommended. (This course requires permission of the instructor.)

Fast Forward

Crafts – AWA 2OB

Here’s your chance to broaden your understanding of art history and develop your portfolio and your studio skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.

Computer Art – AWS 3OB

Interested in photography? Computer Graphics? Design? In this course you will learn some amazing skills and create incredible artwork.

Arts Council, Clubs & Activities

The KCI Art Clubs are created when students step forward with an interest in an area or technique. If you have an interest in a specific area and / or would like to start up a new art club, please visit Arts Council and / or talk to your art teacher.

The Arts Council… meets every Thursday at lunch in room 277 and together we plan After Hours, discuss Great Big Art Projects and figure out how we can support KCI and KCI’s other student groups. There is no formal election process. Instead we make the table big enough for everyone to join in, brainstorm, contribute and create. If you’re interested in being part of this decision-making team just come to a meeting. You’re always welcome.

Open Studio… runs all year after school in room 072. This is time for you to explore a new media, spend time on class projects or work on your own creations. Each week we will have a media for you to explore. (Depending on what is required there may be a small fee to cover the cost of materials. (ie. $2)

Chalk for Cancer… started in 2008 and has KCI artists leading a chalk drawing mural outside the main doors of Grand River Hospital in support of September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The mural is dynamic and keeps changing as each artist adds his or her ideas. All art classes are involved and many members of the community have stopped and joined us as we create.

KCI Journalism… is responsible for The Grumbler (Yearbook) and The Edge (Student Newspaper). Actual development of the Yearbook is through our Journalism course (IDC4UI) but the student paper is run out of clubs and after school groups. In either case there are always opportunities to take photos, write articles, illustrate and design.

Graphics & Photography… is lead by Student Council but any and all students can join us as we develop marketing and promotional material for events and support council clubs and events through candid and formal photography.

The Big Arts Adventure… is a fun-filled, educational experience intended to motivate and inspire artwork of different types, styles and medium. Together we explore culture, history, museums, galleries & studios. Upon their return students have one week to finish a piece that, when displayed together, will document our collective experience and our Big Art Adventure.

Looking for more information? Check us out on Facebook (facebook.com/kciarts) or Twitter (@KCIArts)!