Get Involved, KCI!

Throughout the year, there are many chance to get involved:  dances, dress-up days, ‘cafactivities’, charity drives, assemblies, and more.  On top of that we have on-going clubs and amazing athletics, music, and arts extra-curriculars.

There are clubs to join at the link here.  If there’s a club you wish we had, but it’s not on the list, find a teacher to be your staff sponsor, and start the club yourself!

Athletes can get more information on athletics (teams running, how to join, things to know), at the link here.

Music ensembles (choirs and bands) can be found at the link here.

Arts council information can be found at the link here, and the Art Studio (room 072) every Tuesday and Wednesday after school!

Performers can join the yearly musical or come to an informal, friendly Coffee House to show off their musical talents.

For more information on Student Activities , click here.