Print Credits  Buy them at the circulation desk20 for $1.00

MSIP Passes Sign up on the Google Sheet with your MSIP teacher. They can only give out a maximum of 3 passes each day.  Make sure you state a specific goal for your library visit e.g. writing the body paragraphs for Hunger Games.  You must read for 15 minutes before you can travel

Photocopy Machine No student photocopies.  However, you may use the machine to scan your documents and email them to yourself.  It’s easy.

Laminating costs 75 cents.

Library Hours 8:1o a.m. – 2:50 p.m. (but one of us is usually here outside of these hours.  If we’re here, you’re welcome to use the library).

Library Use  Whether you’re at a computer or at a group discussion table, everything you do here should be school related…even if you are on spare.  If you want to chat, go to the caf.

Food and Drink No food.  Drinks only in travel mugs (but it can’t be near the computers).

Booking rooms? Ask the librarian to book the YouCube or seminar room.