Guidance and Career Education can…

Address many of the important questions that students face at this time in their lives:

  • How can they better manage their time, resources, and relationships with other people to improve their chances for success in high school and the world beyond
  • What useful knowledge, skills, and habits do they already have or can they improve on to achieve success in school and work
  • How can they best chart a course for post-secondary destinations (apprenticeship, college, university, work, etc.)

Help students learn how to…

  • Set short-term and long-term goals that support success now and in their future post-secondary endeavors
  • Develop strategies required to achieve these goals
  • Discover their interests, aptitudes, strengths, and values and use this self-awareness to develop a career/education plan

Also helps students…

  • Understand that a career is not just an occupational destination but also a lifelong journey that includes varied and changing work, family and community roles
  • Develop learning and employability skills and strategies that they can use in their secondary and post-secondary studies and in the workplace
  • Learn the knowledge and skills required for effective communication, teamwork and leadership


Guidance Staff:


Rhonda Gauthier (Guidance Head) – ext. 5525

Nick Biffis – ext. 5529

Paul Radstake – ext. 5526

Jane Schultz-Janzen – ext. 5527



Renate Engel – ext. 5520


Social Workers 

Charlanne Russell – ext. 5647


Child and Youth Workers 

Heather Gibbons – ext. 5249

Jennifer Bannister – ext. 5241

Arhia Thorpe – ext. 5340