For the most up to date information, please make sure you are registered in your guidance counsellor’s Google Classroom, using the codes below.  For online appointment booking, please click the “” logo under your counsellor’s name.
  • R. Gauthier: wxfedo
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  • C. Kenning: thuq28 Image result for youcanbookme logo
  • P. Radstake: xm3wax
  • J. Schultz-Janzen: q2vkc6


Registering at KCI:

Once you have an appointment to register at KCI…

  • Print the registration form below and fill it out before coming for your appointment
  • Please ensure you bring the requested documentation along with the registration form

2019/20 Student Registration Form


Guidance and Career Education can…

Address many of the important questions that students face at this time in their lives:

  • How can they better manage their time, resources, and relationships with other people to improve their chances for success in high school and the world beyond
  • What useful knowledge, skills, and habits do they already have or can they improve on to achieve success in school and work
  • How can they best chart a course for post-secondary destinations (apprenticeship, college, university, work, etc.)

Help students learn how to…

  • Set short-term and long-term goals that support success now and in their future post-secondary endeavors
  • Develop strategies required to achieve these goals
  • Discover their interests, aptitudes, strengths, and values and use this self-awareness to develop a career/education plan

Also helps students…

  • Understand that a career is not just an occupational destination but also a lifelong journey that includes varied and changing work, family and community roles
  • Develop learning and employability skills and strategies that they can use in their secondary and post-secondary studies and in the workplace
  • Learn the knowledge and skills required for effective communication, teamwork and leadership


Guidance and Support Staff:


  • Rhonda Gauthier (Guidance Head) – ext. 5525
  • Nick Biffis – ext. 5529
  • Cindy Kenning – ext. 5528
  • Paul Radstake – ext. 5526
  • Jane Schultz-Janzen – ext. 5527


  • Ann Livingston – ext. 5520

Social Worker

  • Charlanne Russell – ext. 5647

Child and Youth Workers 

  • Heather Gibbons – ext. 5249
  • Jennifer Bannister – ext. 5241
  •  – ext. 5340