If you were hoping to join a club, but it’s not on the list, you can start your own by finding a teacher sponsor to support you, and then advertising it to the school.

AP Biology – This weekly meetings occur in Room 120

Assemblies – Okay, it’s not really a club, but it can be a way to get involved in an on-going activity as we prepare for the next assembly.  See Ms. Stover (Guidance) if you want to help out.

Athletic Council – See Ms. Armatage/Mr. Horn.  We meet every Tuesday at lunch in the health room.

Arts Club – See Ms. Lehmann in Room 268.

Coffeehouse – Join us for an evening of unplugged music. Once a semester (typically fall and spring).  See Mr. Appel in the Library.

Coding Club – This club will meet once a month.  Please see Ms. Allinotte in Room 120 to gather more details.

Community Dinner – Mr. Bulmer;  meetings begin in October to plan for a huge turkey dinner on the 2nd weekend of December.

Cross Fit Club – Come work out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  See Mr. Jackson in room 220 to get started.

Culinary Club – Join others to talk about, plan and cook delicious food 2-3 times a month.  See Mr. Kreutzkamp in the Hospitality Room for more details.

DECA – See Mr. Smit in the Languages Office or room 313 for more information or read about it at the provincial site here, or just come to a meeting – Wednesdays at lunch in room 313.

Drama Club – Join other burgeoning performers to practice the craft outside of class time.  Every Friday at lunch. See Mr. Graham in the English Office for details or check out extracurricular opportunities here.

Drama Council – See Mr. Graham.  We meet every Tuesday at lunch in the Drama Room (Rm. 311)

The Edge (KCI Publication) – Meetings are Fridays at Lunch please contact Ms. Mickie for location.

Fed/Prov. –  Can’t get enough of politics?  Meet students across the region as you engage in a mock parliamentary sessions for two days in December.  This brief but intensive club usually runs from October to December.  See Mr. Fogo/Ms.Ford for details.

French Club – Have fun enjoying francophone cultural activities.  See the link for more information, or see Ms. Seiling in the Languages Office. We meet Fridays at lunch in 313.

GSA – Gay-Straight Alliance – See Ms. Thorpe for details.  Come to meetings on Thursdays in Room 175 to meet other people interested in making the school and city more inclusive for LGBTQ students.  The regional facebook page is here.

Horticulture Club – See Mr. Jones for more information.

Improv Team (Raiders of the Lost Art) – Audition every fall to be a part of the Raiders of the Lost Art, KCI’s competitive Improv Team, as we compete every year as part of the Canadian Improv Games. See Mr. Graham for more information.

Junior Leadership – See Mr. Jackson in Room 220 for details around monthly meetings for this group.

KCI Multicultural Club – Meet Thursdays at lunch in room 323.  See Ms. Pinnock for details.

Math Contests –  Ask any math teacher for information on writing the tests.

Music Ensembles – Join a choir or band.  See the link for times and teacher sponsors.

Neuroscience – Starts September 2oth and meets every other Wednesday in Room 120.  See Ms. Allinotte for more details.

Outreach – Mr. Bulmer (primarily for students participating on a volunteer trip to Latin America; students begin by signing up for the Outreach class:  CGD3MI)

ROAM – Raiders on a Mission – See Mr. Biffis in Guidance to join this non-denominational club.  Or come to the health room every Friday at lunch.

ReconciliACTION – Starts September 27th and meets every other Wednesday in Room 120.  See Ms. Allinotte for more details.

Science Club – The 1st and 2nd Tuesday each month at lunch in Room 233.  Pop in and meet the group starting in October.

Ski/Snowboard Club – This club starts in February pop in and see Ms. Skinner in Room 350 to get details.

Swift Radio – Every Wednesday at lunch in Room 175.  Stop in and see Mr. Papoustis for details.

Tech Crew – Learn to use specialized equipment as you help set up and run assemblies, concerts, and plays.  See Mr. Fricke in the AV Office next to the Library.

WAYVE – Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere – Meet like-minded people who are working towards eradicating bullying in our school and city.  The regional website is here.  Our team wants you if you are passionate about mental wellness and issues affecting youth. We meet, discuss and plan strategies for addressing bullying, mental health and more, with the goal of making KCI a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. We also plan events specifically for Anti-bullying Week, Pink Day, and Mental Health Week.  See Ms. Kenning in the Family Studies Office for details, or come to a meeting Thursday at lunch in room 332.

Yoga – Join us on Wednesdays at lunch in the blue gym.  See Ms. Bridge for details.

Yu-Gi-Oh – Join us to play on Thursdays after school in room 154.  See Mr. Broadhurst for details.