***For the most up to date information, please ensure you are enrolled in your guidance counsellor’s Google Classroom and either have your notifications turned on, or are checking it regularly.***


  • Program and College Information
  • Application Support and Important Dates
  • Starting Your Application
  • FAQ

Colleges @ KCI

  • A number of Colleges come to KCI to provide information and support directly to our students
    • Please visit your Guidance Counselor’s Google Classroom for dates, times and other information
    • You must sign-up for each visit, in the Guidance Office, AT LEAST one day in advance

College Supports Available

  • Colleges have services for all your needs, such as…
    • Accessibility Services
    • Aboriginal Services
    • Counseling Services
    • Financial Aid Services
    • Shuttle Services
    • Writing Support
    • Childcare Services
    • and MUCH MORE
  • For an example, visit the Conestoga College website and select the “Student Services’ tab
    • www.conestogac.on.ca

Financing Your Education

  • See the “Financing Your Education” page