With all of our programs, our focus is ensuring all students meet with success as they develop a strong sense of social responsibility and real-life skills that contribute to their learning and self-confidence.

Here at KCI opportunities are endless for students who are looking to challenge themselves academically.

KCI has a variety of specialty programs, some that are unique to the school or offered at very few schools.  Click the links highlighted throughout the following for more information.

The Arts: We offer extensive graphics, studio, and pottery classes in the Visual Arts Department and open studio time after school, music classes with many ensemble groups to practice outside of class and OSSIA concerts twice yearly, film courses dedicated to the study and/or creation of films that compete at the Charlie Awardswriter’s craft for budding authors, and drama courses with a major play and the Sears drama festival offering open auditions.  KCI boasts a 750-seat auditorium with desirable acoustic properties to stage music and theatre productions.

Unique Academic Courses: KCI offers both grade 11 and 12 Philosophy courses that teach logic and critical thinking while delving into meaty issues in depth. Our Outreach program offers the chance for experiential learning while volunteering in a developing country. We offer a dual credit program in Earth and Space Sciences that allows students a university credit (at WLU or UW) while they’re still in high-school.

Advanced Placement (AP): These courses give students advanced placement or credit at specific universities and is an internationally recognized standard of excellence. KCI offers AP courses in world history, French, and physics.

French Immersion: KCI is one of two schools in the region that offers a French Immersion certificate program.

SHSM: The Specialist High Skills Major program offers students the opportunity to explore a targeted career path in depth in the fields of Health and Wellness, Information and Communication Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, or Environment Studies.  This program may be completed at the University, College, Apprenticeship or Workplace level.

International Travel Opportunities: Most co-curricular trips occur over the March Break so little school is missed. Outreach has gone to Chile and Cuba. The Travel and Tourism course sometimes offers a trip to New York.  There’s a French exchange trip to France. And students involved with OSSIA rotate between Chicago and New York City.

Technical Courses: There are four Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) course sets offered at KCI: automotivecookinghairstyling, and horticulture.  Courses in these fields can also be taken outside of the apprenticeship program. Other technical courses include communication technologycomputer technologyconstructionwoodworkingmanufacturing, and technological design.  Many of these courses can be taken as a dual credit in tandem with Conestoga College.

Green Industries: Our horticulture program isn’t just about gardening. We care for rabbits and chickens to give urban students a hands-on understanding of farm production.

Co-op: Whether academic or technical, co-op credits offer a chance for students to get real-world work experience.

Fast Forward: KCI is one of five schools in the region to offer a Fast Forward/Workplace program geared to helping students get the skills needed in the workplace.

ACE (Life Skills): This program is a non-credit alternative for students whose primary exceptionality is mild intellectual and whose placement has been determined by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC). The ACE program focuses on Personal Life Management, Social Skills, Practical Math, Language and Literacy, Community Access and Awareness, Vocational Training and Preparation for Work.