Picture Day at KCI will be this Friday, September 15.  Students will be called down to the Auditorium to get their picture taken when scheduled with their grade (see below).  All students are required to get their picture taken; however, purchasing photo packages is optional.

How do purchases work?  The photo company will send ‘proofs’ to students approximately 1 week after Picture Day with a student code; families use the code to order photos directly from the company online.

Our schedule for Picture Day is:

  • Block A (8:20-9:35) – Grade 9 classes
  • Block B (9:40-10:55) – Grade 10 classes
  • Block D (11:55-1:10) – Grade 11 classes
  • Block C (1:15-2:30) – Grade 12 classes + anyone  in any grade who missed their picture.
  • Students with ‘spare’ periods should come for a photo with their grade.