Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test Information – Spring 2024

In April, eligible KCI students in grade 10, (and some in grade 11 and 12) will have opportunities to complete their literacy requirement by taking the OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test). Successful completion of the literacy test or equivalent is a graduation requirement. 

The 2024 Spring OSSLT will occur on Monday April 15 (Session 1) and Tuesday April 16 (Session 2) during the block A class (8:20-9:50am). Please note: All students are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes.  There is an altered schedule for April 15/16:



A 8:20 – 9:50 Block A is extended to allow for the delivery of the OSSLT.
B 9:55 – 10:55
Lunch 10:55 – 11:55
C 11:55 – 1:10
D 1:15 – 2:30

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How will the test be administered?

A:  The test is online. Students will use their board provided Chromebooks to write the OSSLT. The test has many features to support students including: 

  • A help menu  
  • A text-speech function that reads the text on the screen out loud  
  • Zoom in and zoom out  
  • A line reader that helps students focus on one line of text at a time 
  • A high-contrast view
  • Annotation tools 
  • A tool for rough notes

The test is written in two sessions. Each session will take approximately 65-75 minutes to complete, students can have extra time to complete each session if needed. Students eligible for special accommodations will be contacted by the Special Education Department in advance of the test.

Q:  How do I know if my student is eligible to write the OSSLT?

A:  All grade 10 students who have completed their grade 9 English credit are eligible to write the OSSLT. Grade 10 students in the Fast Forward program will not be writing the OSSLT during this window. These students will have the opportunity to write in November 2024.  This will allow them extra time to develop their literacy skills.  

Students in grade 11 or 12 who have not successfully completed the graduation literacy requirement have spoken with their guidance counsellor with regards to their individual plan. If you are unsure of the plan, please reach out to their guidance counsellor.

Q:  What does my student need to bring for the OSSLT?

A:  Students will need to bring the following item(s) to the OSSLT test:

  • WRDSB Chromebook (charged) — THIS IS A MUST — students can only access the test using their school issued device.  Use of personal computers/devices is not permitted.
  • (optional) headphones/earbuds – if preferred so that students can use the text-speech function that reads the text on the screen out lou
  • (optional) computer mouse – if preferred by student
  • (optional) paper and pen/pencil for rough notes

Q:  What can my student do to prepare for the OSSLT?

A:  All students will have an opportunity between Wednesday April 3 to Tuesday April 9, 2024 to write a practice test during their block A class. Students also have access to an online OSSLT preparation course. It can be accessed at https://wrdsb.elearningontario.ca/

Q:  Where can I find more information about the OSSLT?

A:  Parents and students interested in learning more about the OSSLT are invited to visit the EQAO website at https://www.eqao.com/the-assessments/osslt/.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the OSSLT, please reach out to Dan Keys at 519-745-6851 or via email at dan_keys@wrdsb.ca.