Athletics Code of Conduct 

This Athletic Code of Conduct is applicable to any KCI student who takes on the role of student athlete, coach, official, photographer or manager.  Reference to “students” or “team members” indicates anyone who is in one of the previously outlined roles.


Team members represent the entire KCI community and must conduct themselves as suitable ambassadors for our school at all times.  All students are responsible to the Principal and the KCI community for their conduct at any school event including away games and tournaments.  It is a privilege to be on a KCI team, not a right.


Team members are expected to be conscientious students and good citizens of the school.  School work missed because of athletic participation must be completed to the teacher’s satisfaction within agreed upon timelines.  All students in Grades 9, 10, or 11 must be enrolled in a full-time program in order to be eligible to participate.  (A full course load is three courses and an MSIP in a semester.)


KCI team members will, at all times, display good sportsmanship by showing respect when dealing with teammates, coaches, the opposition, officials and spectators.


Strict adherence to all school rules while on buses or visiting other schools is expected.  All students must be transported in vehicles arranged by the school unless prior arrangements have been made through the coach and only if the appropriate paperwork has been completed and is on file.


All team members must purchase a Student Activities Card to help defray the cost of athletics to the student body.  In addition, for each team that one is a member, there will be an athletic fee specific to that sport.  Students must pay the fees prior to the first competition date in order to be eligible to participate.  Athletes who have outstanding fees will not be permitted to practice or play in the subsequent season.  School uniforms must be in good repair and washed upon their return.  These uniforms are to be worn for team activities only, unless previously approved by coaches.


In order to play on a specific game day, the team member must be in attendance at school and in all classes.  If a student must be absent from school on a game day, s/he must validate that absence ahead of time through the coach and the appropriate Vice Principal.  Players must participate fully in health and physical education classes on game days.


All injuries must be reported to the teacher-coach who will be responsible to complete the Ontario School Boards’ Insurance Exchange Incident Report Form as soon as possible.  The completed form must be submitted to the appropriate Vice Principal within 24 hours.


Players are responsible for the safekeeping of their own personal equipment and valuables during all practices, games and/or field trips.


The consumption of drugs or alcohol is forbidden at any time, on any school premises, or at any school.  Alcohol or drug consumption at any school-sponsored event may result in the student being removed from the team and consequences determined by the school administration.


Since smoking is not considered a good health practice, students are expected to refrain from smoking at least during the sport season.  Smoking at any school-sponsored event is strictly forbidden.


Once the commitment to a school team has been made by signing the KCI Athletic Code of Conduct Player Information Form, a student must follow through with her/his commitment to the team.  It is unfair to teammates and coaches to leave a team during the season.  It is also unfair to other aspiring players who have failed to earn a place on the team.  As a consequence, any player who quits a team, or does not fulfill her/his commitment to a team, may be ineligible to play on a KCI school team for a period of up to one calendar year.

Any absences by the athlete from practices and/or games must be discussed with the teacher-coach beforehand or as soon after the absence as possible.  Excessive absences from classes, games and/or practices could result in the student being removed from the team.  This situation will be reviewed by the student’s teachers, coach, the Head of Health and Physical Education and her/his administrator.

If there is insufficient interest in a team resulting from poor practice attendance, poor effort and/or inappropriate attitude, the team will be subject to cancellation and will forfeit the remainder of the season.