Three levels in each grade:

  • The fast forward program is aimed at students who plan to go straight from high school into the workplace.
  • The applied/college program is for students who would like to enter the work force after graduation or pursue post secondary education at a community college.
  • Academic/university courses are for those students who would like to continue their education after high school at university.

Media and Dramatic Arts Elective Courses:

  • KCI offers a full range of Dramatic Arts courses in all grades for students enrolled in an applied or academic program.  There are also fast forward Dramatic Arts courses offered in Grades 10 and 11.  Many KCI graduates have gone on to study theatre at university and college.  Several graduates have developed successful careers in theatre, film and television.
  • Media Arts is an English elective course that is offered in grade 11 to college and university bound students.  Students study a variety of print and visual media.  KCI also has a Grade 11 Media Arts course for students taking courses at the fast forward  level.

Screen Education (Film) Elective Courses:

  • KCI is one of the few high schools in Waterloo Region to offer film study elective courses.  Students in these courses study films and get the chance to write scripts and make their own films.  All of the equipment needed is supplied.  These courses are offered to college and university bound students in both grades 11 and 12.
  • Students who would like to study films, but not create them, may take a grade 12 film study course that is offered at both the college and university levels.
  • Many KCI graduates have gone on to study film at college and university.  Several of these students are now working in the film industry.

Writer’s Craft Elective Course:

  • Writer’s Craft is a grade 12 university level course that is offered to students who want to develop their skills in both creative writing and journalism.

English Department Course Descriptions:

Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12