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Success in mathematics, like any newly acquired skill, can be attributed to regular and consistent practice. For those students who especially enjoy mathematics, or those students who wish to further the rehearsal of their skills, there are a variety of mathematics contests in which the students at KCI may participate.
Math contests will be running throughout the school year, with the first being administered in February. There are different contests for each grade level, providing a variety of students with the benefit of the development of an analytical skill set.

In support of the mathematics contests, there is also a Mathematics Club at KCI, geared specifically towards the preparation for specific math contests. The math department will be running five preparation sessions for the Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat contests during lunch in February. Bring your lunch, a pencil, and a calculator! We’ll see you there!

For a complete list of the mathematics contests offered during the school year, as well as access to practice tests, please click here.