The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) offers students the opportunity to explore a targeted career path in depth.  This program may be completed at the University, College, Apprenticeship or Workplace level.

Successful completion of this enrichment program earns students a unique red seal of achievement on their graduation diplomas.  In most cases, it also offers an advantage on post secondary program applications and job opportunities.  In addition, some colleges and universities also offer specific scholarships to SHSM graduates.  Most importantly, all students are impacted by the experiential learning connected to the mandatory coop placement.

KCI offers three Specialist High Skills Major programs: Health and Wellness (H&W) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Environment .

Some Examples of Career Opportunities in these  sector areas include:

Health & Wellness (H & W)

  • Apprenticeship Training: Child and Youth Worker, Early Childhood Educator, Educational Assistant
  • College: Ambulance Attendants, Paramedical Occupations, Biomedical Engineering Technologist
  • University: Chiropractor, Dentist, Pharmacist
  • Workplace: Certified Personal Trainer, Doctor’s Office Receptionist, Fitness Instructor

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Apprenticeship Training: Electrical Power Line & Cable Worker,Telecommunications Line & CableWorker, Telecommunications Installation & Repair
  • College: Broadcast Technician, Electronic Service/Computer Network Technician, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Animator
  • University: Computer Engineer, Information Systems Analyst, Software Engineer & Designer
  • Workplace: Retail Salesperson and Sales Clerk,Telecommunications Cable Installer Helper and Splicer Helper, Desktop Publishing Operator

ENVIRONMENT directs students toward courses which enhance global and environmental awareness.

  • Apprenticeship Training:  mechanic, arborist, heat and frost insulator, dairy herdsperson
  • College:  paralegal, immigration officer, forest ecologist, biological technician
  • University:  environmental lawyer, landscape architect, power engineer, forestry professional
  • Workplace:  landscaper, gardener, florist, outdoor and recreation guide

Specialist High Skills Majors SHSM Brochure