Fitness activities provide many positive health benefits.  The facilities at KCI are some of the best in the county and have attracted a significant number of participants.  Many students who use the facilities are training for various team sports or are exercising to become more fit while others work out to help relieve stress.

KCI fitness rooms are OPEN

6:30 – 7:40 am Monday through Friday and 3:00 – 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday.  (Please note that the Fitness Rooms will be closed to students for staff meetings and for other professional activity days.)


Fitness Membership Cost is $30.00 for one semester and can only be purchased on a per semester basis. The student must also have purchased a KCI Student Card.

Please be advised that this fee is significantly less than those for a membership in community facilities and goes towards the maintenance and purchasing of new equipment.


Membership Requirements:

1)  Obtain a membership form from the HPE Office.

2)  Return completed form and payment to Mrs. Werner in the Health and Physical Education Office.

3)  Follow posted guidelines which include: appropriate apparel, returning all weights to their proper storage location when not in use, reporting any misuse of equipment and, using the equipment as it was designed to be used.  In addition, the student agrees to refrain from the use of banned substances while using the facility.

Note: Students must be trained in the safe and proper use of the equipment in order to avoid injury.  Students who have taken a Health and Physical Education course will have the basic knowledge required to use the facilities safely.  For those who have not taken an HPE course, an orientation session is mandatory and will be provided by a member of the HPE staff.  It is highly recommended that if a student is uncertain about how to use a particular piece of equipment or how to perform an activity that he/she request the assistance of an HPE teacher.

Teacher supervision is required for students to use the fitness rooms.  Each student must workout with a partner since it is unsafe for a student to use the fitness room alone.  The rules for use of the rooms and equipment are posted and students not following these rules risk losing their fitness room privileges.