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Parents play a vital role in education. When parents are engaged and involved, everyone—students, parents, and families, teachers, schools, and communities–benefits, and our schools become increasingly rich and positive places to teach, learn, and grow.

–Parents in Partnership: A Parent Engagement Policy for Ontario Schools


All KCI parents/guardians/caregivers are welcome to attend KCI’s School Council.  Our first meeting will be held in-person in the KCI library.  At this time, we will plan to have two in-person meetings in the KCI library and two virtual meetings via Google Meet.

If you are interested in joining our KCI School Council, please complete this FORM, which will allow us to add you to our School Council email list.


KCI School Council Meeting Time:

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


KCI School Council Meeting Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year:

September 28, 2022 (in-person in the KCI library):  Agenda     Minutes

December 14, 2022  (virtual via Google Meet):  Agenda     Minutes

March 1, 2023  (virtual via Google Meet):  Agenda     Minutes

May 17, 2023  (in-person in the KCI library)


To assist School Council members in joining and participating in a Google Meet, please refer to the following resource that was co-developed with the WRAPSC.

WRAPSC: Google Meets Getting Started



October 6, 2021:  Agenda,  Minutes

December 15, 2021:  Agenda,  Minutes

March 9, 2022:  Agenda,  Minutes

May 25, 2022:  Agenda,  Minutes







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