We live in an age of communication. In our everyday life, we use technology to communicate with each other. It can be in the form of text messages, emails, images, audio or video, or any combination of these.


The advantages and applications of communication technologies affect our every day social function as we interact with each other.

The Communication Technology course explores the different ways computers and information systems can be used to deliver graphics, video, audio and animation in it’s various forms.


Students interested in the following careers would benefit from this course:


Interactive Media Developer

Radio/Broadcast Technician

Film, Web, Video, Animation, Game Design

Music/Audio Recording Engineer


Media / Telecommunications (TGJ 2OI)

Media / Video / Animation (TGJ2OB)


Media / Telecommunications (TGJ 3MI)

Media / Video / Animation (TGJ 3OB)


Media / Video / Animation (TGJ 4OB) – Fast Forward

Media / Video / Animation (TGJ 4OI) – Open Level

Media / Video / Animation (TGJ 4MI) – University/College