We live in an age of communication. In our everyday life, we use technology to communicate with each other. It can be in the form of text messages, emails, images, audio or video, or any combination of these.

The advantages and applications of communication technologies affect our every day social function as we interact with each other.

The Communication Technology course explores the different ways computers and information systems can be used to deliver graphics, video, audio and animation in it’s various forms.


Students interested in the following careers would benefit from this course:

Interactive Media Developer

Radio/Broadcast Technician

Film, Web, Video, Animation, Game Design

Music/Audio Recording Engineer

Gr. 10- Media Productions (Open and Fast Forward TGJ2OI, TGJ2OB) 

Learn the basics in cinematography, video editing, visual special effects and 2D animation in this hands on project base course. All camera equipment, microphones and lighting equipment will be provided for you as you practice your production skills in our studio space- which comes fully equipped with an industry standard green screen. Learn post production techniques on industry standard software using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Animate. Major projects include a Chase Scene Short Film, A 2D animation of a Bouncing Ball, and a teleportation visual special effect.

Gr. 11- Media Productions (Open, College, and Fast Forward TGJ3MI, TGJ3OI, TGJ3OB)

In this intermediate course, you will refine your production and post production skills as you create media content in the form of video, audio, visual special effects and 2D & 3D animation and social media. Learn on industry standard software within a professional studio space where all production and post production equipment is provided for you. In this course, you also get the chance to collaborate with staff students to create specific media content and showcase your work. This is a great course to take if you are considering post secondary education in any film or media related field. Major Projects include; editing a Horror Movie Trailer, producing a music video and creating animations using After Effects and Blender.  This is also a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) designated course.

Gr. 12- Media Productions (Open,College,and Fast Forward TGJ4MI, TGJ4OI, TGJ4OB)

In this senior level course, you will work on media production projects of your choosing. Whether this be film or TV production, video editing, VFX, animation or content creation for Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, you will get the opportunity to work on projects that you are interested in. If you plan on taking a post-secondary program in Media Productions, Tv, Film, Radio, Animation or Journalism, your teachers will assist you in the application process and help you to create a portfolio of your work. Past students graduating with a credit from KCI’s  Media Productions Program have gone on to post-secondary programs such as Ryerson University’s Journalism Program, Wilfrid Laurier’s Graphic Design and Film Programs and Sheridan’s Animation program. Major Projects Include: Creating video content for social media and producing 3 types of media content for yourself or for a client.