KCI’s Horticulture (Green Industries) Program and our school’s focus on ecological awareness is an integral part of KCI school life. As a community committed to environmental sustainability, we collectively seek to develop habits and skills in students that will encourage a lifestyle for a healthier world and develop students to become stewards of their communities.

The Green Industries Program is for students who want to…

  • Take courses, earn credits, and gain practical experience in Green Industries
  • Gain hands-on experience with real-world challenges and solutions
  • Participate in apprenticeship and cooperative education opportunities
  • Participate in community initiatives and outreach programs
  • Work with nature and the environment
  • Make a difference in their school, neighbourhood, and community

All Green Industries classes participate in many off-campus activities. These include business visits; career exploration activities; community projects at grade schools, outdoor education centres, etc.; trade shows e.g. Ontario Farm Show; Royal Botanical Gardens; Royal Winter Fair; local farms and markets; and Canada Blooms.

Skills Canada opportunities exist in Floral Design and Landscape Construction. Our competitors are known to do very well in these competitions. We are also the OYAP school for Horticulture and Landscaping.

Students participate in many projects including this year’s installation of the ONE KCI Community Garden. Construction projects include decking, fencing, patios, walkways, and garden installations. We also assist in many community projects at local schools, churches, and social agencies.


Gardening & Landscape Construction  –  THJ 2OI / 2OB 

Students are introduced to various sectors of the Green Industries – agriculture, forestry, horticulture, floristry, and landscaping. Students participate in a number of hands-on activities (maintenance, patio construction, planting and harvesting, and floral design) and develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues related to green industry activities. 


Gardening & Landscape Construction  –  THJ 3MI / 3EB

Students develop knowledge and skills related to agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and landscaping. Students study plant identification, management of plants and livestock (chickens). Students will also examine safe and healthy working practices, industry standards and codes, and post secondary education and career opportunities.


Gardening & Landscape Construction  –  THJ 4MI / 4EB

Students build on knowledge developed in grade 11 Green Industries. The focus is more complex and relates to processes, design, and environmental sustainabilty. Skills learned will prepare students for specialization within the industry.